The Noob’s Guide on Integrating LinkedIn in Their Business

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LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms to increase your presence online. A lot of professionals are joining LinkedIn every day. So, the chance of getting noticed by a potential buyer is high or at least meeting someone who can help your business. You can create networks with other companies or influencers to help your company become famous. But, merely creating an account for your business is not enough. You need to have a lot of followers. The only way to do this is to become visible always. So, here is a guide on how to integrate LinkedIn into your business.

Publish great content

Publishing good posts can help increase your followers. Provide them with valuable content that benefits your business or other material talking about your industry. Linkedin recommends for business pages to post at least once every weekday. These posts that you publish will be featured on your company’s page and also to the news feeds of all your followers. You need to reach as many people as possible every day so that your online presence will always be visible.

Any type of content that is related to your business can be beneficial to you. It is critical to engage with your followers regularly so that they would not forget about you. If you do not have any personally made content available, you can share videos or posts from an external source. This can still benefit you because it shows your followers that you know your industry very well. Other than that, sharing content from external sources can help you build a relationship with that content creator. If you are in a Miami beach social media marketing team, then you can post content about your place.

Make sure that your content is good enough to stand out. Even though LinkedIn is a business-first social media platform, it is still essential to keep your content fresh and updates by doing more than simple text posts. According to LinkedIn, posts with an image get 98% more comments than posts with no pictures. One more thing that you can do in LinkedIn is by sharing your youtube content. If you have a youtube account, you can share your videos on LinkedIn which can automatically play on this platform. On top of all this, just make sure that the content that you are publishing is well-made and something that your followers can enjoy.

Your employees are your advocates

It is crucial for your employees and colleagues to be part of your company’s LinkedIn profile. You should add them to your followers to further reach more people who are part of their network. According to LinkedIn, employees have ten times more connections than a business page has followers. So, if your employees are happy with their work, they will become the best advocates for your company. This is because they have a hands-on experience to be inside your business. So, they will be able to attract great talents who can be part of your business or marketing strategy.

Use multi-language tools

You can use this multi-language tool in LinkedIn wherein you can translate your posts in twenty different languages. So, if you have or want to have customers who do not speak English, you can use the language setting in LinkedIn to help reach more customers from different countries. By using this tool, the description that will be posted on your customer’s news feed is dependent on the language that the customer is using on LinkedIn. This is an excellent way to show your followers that you are a global brand and that you care about your customers from different countries.

Join LinkedIn groups

You should be an active participant in LinkedIn groups in order to create networks with other businesses and professionals in your industry. Other than that, more people will be able to visit your page because your posts or comments may attract them.

You can look for groups that have interests that are aligned with your company by using the search bar on your LinkedIn page. But, if you need help looking for groups, you can use the suggestions of LinkedIn with their Groups Discover tool. Other than that, you can also create your own group for your business specifically or anything about your industry.  If you are part of an association, check if they have a LinkedIn group that you can join. For example, CPAs who are part of the American Institute for CPAs have a LinkedIn group that has more than sixty thousand members. They have posts there that stay active for months because of the number of engagements it gets. So, you also want that for your business.

Create Showcase pages

Showcase pages are subpages of your company page. These pages are created for specific brands or products of your business. Your followers can subscribe to your showcase page if they are particularly interested in that one. LinkedIn allows you to make ten showcase pages. But, if you need to have more, you can submit a request to LinkedIn.

To create a showcase page, click the Me icon at the top part of your page, then choose your business page under the Manage button. Then, click the admin tools at the top right part then select create a showcase page. Even though showcase pages have much fewer followers than your main page, these are important relationships because people who follow showcase pages have a higher interest in your product.

Sponsor your posts

Whenever your posts get a lot of engagements, consider sponsoring that post. Sponsoring that post can help you reach a lot of people quickly. Sponsoring a post in LinkedIn is the same as paying for advertisements. So, it allows you to be seen by a lot of professionals in their news feeds.


LinkedIn is an essential social media platform for any type of business. You can create networks with your followers and other people in your industry. Having an online presence is key to keep your business running. So, let this be a guide to your LinkedIn journey. Good luck!


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