What is a Virtual Office Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a remote employee who does not take up square footage, use your electricity, go on holidays or expect a cake on their birthday – although you can still send them or us one if you like. Find the perfect Virtual Office Assistant so you can start accomplishing more tomorrow!

What can a Virtual Office Assistant help you with?

Admin Support



IT Services

Benefits of a Virtual Office Assistant

Outsourcing should be a part of any businesses recruitment strategy. It’s cost effective, which means as a business owner you don’t get stuck working on low-value tasks like data entry. They are likely not the best use of your time.

You need to delegate certain tasks to qualified individuals, so you can focus on what really matters, growing your business.

Other key benefits:

  • Reduced Expenses

    Reducing overhead expenses such as paying for equipment, furniture, supplies, benefits, insurance, taxes, office space, paperwork, training, and payroll

  • Creating Balance

    Creating more balance, simplicity, energy, and space in your life

  • Reaching Goals

    Reaching goals and realizing dreams faster by handing off various responsibilities

  • Trusted Confidant

    Building not only a partnership, but also a relationship with a trusted confidant dedicated to your ongoing success

  • Less Stress

    Eliminating the feeling of being overwhelmed, thereby giving them peace of mind and less stress

    Administrative Support

    • Prepare contracts and proposals
    • Schedule appointments
    • Confirmation calls
    • Prepare mail outs
    • Book accommodations & travel
    • Source products and services
    • Data entry
    • Transcribing audio or video
    • Invoicing
    • Book restaurants and entertainment

    Content Creation

    • Edit, format or creation of company documents/spreadsheets
    • Craft blog posts and title images
    • Create content for your website and social media outlets
    • Design a marketing email
    • Write articles & guides


    • Complete Competitive Analysis
    • Investigate a specific topic
    • Track down networking opportunities
    • Research potential customers or develop buyer personas
    • Find facts and figures
    • Locate contact information for mail outs

    IT Support

    • Email setup
    • Basic computer troubleshooting
    • Image resizing
    • Image compression
    • PDF compression

    Your Business + Virtual Office Assistant = Productivity