Why should you Advertise on LinkedIn?

Advertising on LinkedIn helps small businesses like yours achieve their goals. Promote your company to targeted audiences, drive awareness and leads in the world's most viewed professional news feed.

How can you Advertise on LinkedIn?
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Grow your Business with Targeted Ads on LinkedIn

Achieve Your Business Goals with LinkedIn Advertising Solutions

By targeting certain groups who are more likely to be interested in what you are selling, you can more efficiently expand your advertising resources so that they may garner the maximum amount of sales.

Ad Targeting on LinkedIn

Prices and Powerful Targeting options enable you to get your message seen by those who matter the most to your business.  Below is a list of available targeting options on LinkedIn:

  1. Company Name
  2. Company Size
  3. Industry
  5. Connections
  6. Job Title
  7. Job Function
  8. Job Seniority
  9. Years of Experience
  10. Schools Attended
  11. Degrees Obtained
  12. Fields of Study
  13. Skills
  14. Groups
  15. Age
  16. Gender
  17. Location 

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