Why should you Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook is a very effective tool for marketing, sales, tech support and customer service.

Target Facebook Ads more effectively

Does nobody know who you are? Create awareness with a Campaign on Facebook.

You can use targeted advertising to proactively sponsor your brand, generate leads and engage with your customers and prospects in real time. By targeting certain groups who are more likely to be interested in what you are selling, you can more efficiently expand your advertising resources so that they may garner the maximum amount of sales.

Target Your Prospective Customers Location

Location targeting allows you to reach customers in key locations. This information comes from people's stated location on their timeline and is validated by their IP (internet protocol) address. Using location targeting we can also:

  • Target by distance from a specific location or city
  • Exclude locations or postal codes from seeing your ads
Facebook Advertising

Target Advertising based on Demographics

We can refine your ad's target audience based on content people have shared about themselves in their Facebook profiles, such as age, gender, relationship status, education and type of work they do.

Target Your Ads to Prospects Interests or Hobbies

Interest targeting lets us define your ideal audience by their interests, hobbies and Pages they like on Facebook. We can choose to show your ads to people who have liked your competitor’s pages.

Receive an Estimated Ad Reach

Once the ad is created and targeted we can provide an estimate of how many people your Facebook ads could potentially reach. A broad reach will show your ads to the most people, but a narrow one could help you hone in on specific customers who matter most to your business.

Using targeting, we can:

  • Find the right customers across devices
  • Deliver relevant messages to specific people
  • Get the most value from your dollar  by reaching only the people that matter to you

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