Do you use email marketing?

Email Marketing is a cost-effective Marketing Strategy because you can send personalized, targeted, and interest specific messages to a larger audience.

There are many benefits of email marketing!
Asks for immediate action
Helps you gather feedback
Generates awareness
Repeat customers

How can you grow, maintain and utilize your email list?

Building and maintaining an email list allows you to organize and view your list data easily, sort your list into targeting categories, process and track unsubscribed contacts, query your list to extract useful information and or reports.

Our email marketing experts can help build your list using some of the techniques below:

  • Creating an effective call to action and subject line
  • Adding a sign-up link on every page of your website and social media sites
  • Creating an email signature with a link to subscribe to your email list
  • Offering links to your subscription on your blog
  • Develop ads that encourage signups
  • Link building with other webmasters in your industry and more…
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