Do you have a Company Brand and Professional Logo?

Branding is more than creating your logo, coming up with a business name and colour scheme but defines your promise to your customers. It is what differentiates you from direct competitors. Define your branding and design a company logo you can be proud of today!

When branding, we will help you answer 3 key questions:

What is your mission?

What are the benefits of your services?

What qualities do you want customers to associate with your business?

Gain credibility and customers

The Foundation of your branding is your business logo, website, packaging and promotional materials. These should align with your mission, benefits, how you want to be portrayed and the type of emotion you want to invoke. Branding extends to every aspect of your business, from how you answer phones, what you or your salespeople wear right down to your email signature.

Achieve Online can help answer these important questions, guide you with the concept and help you develop promotional materials that are memorable, versatile, and  relevant. Ensuring we capture the viewer’s attention while leaving a positive impression, that the logo looks great on your website, devices or promotional material and will have meaning that relates to the work you are doing.

Our Design Process

  • Design Brief

    Identify the answers to our 3 key questions

  • Market Research

    Conduct research focused on the industry and your top competitors

  • Draft Concept

    Develop the concepts around the brief and research completed

  • Reflection and Review

    Allow time for ideas to mature and revisit for final touches

  • Presentation and Edits

    Two or Three designs are presented to the client for feedback and edits

Small business owners need a logo designer because they are all the more tempted to do it themselves or find a cheap solution.  While a $200 logo may seem like a bargain, once it’s plastered all over, it can become a nightmare to correct. Achieve online would rather create a client’s branding and logo from nothing than have to work with a poorly developed  idea.

Our professional logo designers have a sense of shape and space and can help develop imagery that you might not be able to develop on your own. They can help create a feeling or convey a certain message. It will capture the viewer’s attention, have meaning to the work you are doing and leave a positive lasting impression.

Our Creations:

Image Image
Image Image
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