Your Investment

We Compete on Value

Marketing has more to do with results than cost and allocating a budget in the most efficient way possible. If you can afford to buy a customer, you have a profitable business!

Fit Your Budget

Our average monthly investment ranges from $575-$6,250 per month for a Marketing Plan and between $200-$800 per month for a Website Development and Maintenance Plan.

Since your business is unique, Achieve will work with you on developing a custom solution that fits your budget to meet and exceed your business objectives and build your campaign over time.

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Flexible Payment Options

While some choose to pay for their marketing campaign in full up-front, others choose our flexible interest-free monthly, bi-monthly or weekly installments and invest over their contract term.

We accept the following forms of payment:

Visa and Mastercard
Interac E-Transfer via Email
Post-Dated Cheque

Bulk Hourly Discount

If you're looking to add on small to-dos or need a virtual office assistant (and not a complete marketing campaign), you can opt for a set hourly rate, billed in real time.

We also offer a bulk hourly discount that can provide an alternative solution for your needs.

These bulk blocks of time never expire and can be rolled over. They are charged in real time and can be paused or stopped at any time- no long-term contracts. 

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Recommended Investment

It is recommended that a company invest between 4-10% of their projected gross revenue in marketing and advertising.

For example, if you are projected to bring in $300,000 in revenue this year, you should be putting aside $12,000 (conservatively) and $30,000 (recommended) for your marketing campaign(s). This works out to be between $1000-$2500 per month.