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Oppenheim Education Consultants provides expert services to independent schools, school boards, associations and individuals.


Branding and Logo Design, Website Design & Development, Social Media Marketing, Virtual Office Assistants, Business and Marketing Consulting

Contract Length

March 2017-March 2018


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The Challenge

Claude needed assistance turning his passion into a business. This included coming up with an appropriate business name, domain, branding, designing a logo, developing a website and marketing strategy.

Our Solution

Achieve Online determined an appropriate business name, found an available domain, assisted with branding decisions, designed a logo, developed a website and a highly targeted marketing strategy.

Top Results

Oppenheim Education Consultants received assistance with branding, a logo (shown below) and a website that exceeded their expectations. We compiled a very detailed database, developed a persuasive sales letter and completed a mailout to a highly targetted group in Canada and the United States of America.

Oppenheim logo design by Achieve Online

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