The natural follow up to a well thought out long term marketing strategy is the roll out of the advertising campaign that will bring your company goals and dreams to fruition. However, in today’s high technology marketplace, it can be hard to make yourself heard to potential clients and customers which is why you need expertise and help from Achieve In combination with our industry leading marketing programs, we design, execute and optimize ad campaigns across all available channels, maximizing your potential to reach customers. We believe advertising should effectively communicate your brand, as well as attract the right customers to your business and we do this through a variety of physical physical and virtual advertising campaigns .

Pay per click advertising, also known as PPC, is a key way to drive customers to your website. In a nutshell, Achieve will create small advertisements that pop up on search engines and related web pages, and you pay a small fee each time that someone clicks on the link through to your website. This can be a cost effective way of building a client base as you only pay for the active visits to your page, but can’t stand alone as your sole advertising strategy.

There are multiple ways of generating a healthy email database which Achieve will guide you through. As anyone knows, the main goal is to make it something that potential clients won’t simply delete or scroll past (or even worse ends in their spam folder!). Achieve’s advertising specialist will help you create visually appealing email content promoting the key points of your brand’s services and products. While you’ll naturally find some people unsubscribing, direct emails are a proven source of new business and revenue as part of a wider advertising strategy.

If social media is not at the heart of your advertising campaign, your business is on the way out. With so many different platforms available and used by different generations, you need Achieve’s expertise across the biggest names in social media. While advertising on each platform requires payment upfront regardless of the success of the campaign, Achieve can help you generate posts and original content that will stop the scrolling and drive traffic to your website. We can also advise you on how to use social media to engage directly with existing customers to get positive feedback and quotes for future advertisements.

Not all advertising online has to be written, and indeed there’s a reason why Too Long, Didn’t Read has become a common internet acronym. A 60 second video can get across as much information as a page worth of text, and the ability to add music, art and links means you can generate a lot of interest quickly. The drawback of solely relying on video is that they need to be instantly eye-catching to prevent viewers from scrolling past, and they can’t be overly “salesy”. Fortunately, Achieve has expertise in making authentic, engaging video content as well as the knowledge of how to get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

As the internet continues to grow exponentially, it can be hard to make your website appear high up the search rankings just by having an interesting or popular product or service. The major search engines have complex algorithms that they use to match websites to search terms, including authentic and relevant content that is updated frequently. Achieve works with a dedicated team of content creators to publish a fresh stream of content to your website that is SEO driven while providing real and useful information to visitors to your site.

Finally, not everyone pays attention to the advertisements they see online, or they have effective ad-blockers that can prevent them from seeing your content. This is when having a physical mail-based component to your advertising campaign will pay dividends. Even if potential customers only scan your message before discarding it, your brand will enter their memory and will surface when they most need your service or product. Achieve will help you develop a relevant mailing list and engaging offline content.

It’s easy to see how each of these advertising strategies has their strengths, but also serious weaknesses if you were to only use that one particular approach. Achieve understands the need for a multiple pronged advertising campaign and will work with you to develop an effective strategy that gives you the best return on investment in the marketplace.